Experience the only Escape Room in
REAL Jail Cells!

Players are imprisoned in a “escape game” room. Work together as a team, find clues, solve series of puzzles and escape from Death Row.

Amaze Escape is perfect for team building, fun with friends or just a fun night out. Challenge your mind and test your wits, reserve our Amazing game scenarios now!

Escape from Death Row

Experience the only Escape Room in
REAL Jail Cells!

You’re on death row. You and your prison mates find yourselves in real jail cells. You have 60 minutes before your time runs out and the guards come for you.
Can you escape Death Row?

Game time: 60 minutes.
Objective: break out of prison.
Difficulty level: intermediate.
Best time: 33.08.
Room capacity: teams of 4-6 players.

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Art of the Heist

Experience our 2nd Generation Escape Room!!!

You are a group of professional thieves that have been hired by an international crime syndicate to recover a priceless suitcase. Intelligence has indicated the suitcase was confiscated by the police during a raid. The syndicate has created a diversion to give your team a 60 minute window to break into the locked down police station and recover the suitcase before the police return.
Don’t get caught!

Game time: 60 minutes.
Heist objective: break in and recover a priceless suitcase.
Difficulty level: intermediate/advanced.
Best time: 44:11.Room capacity: teams of 4-10 players.
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The Fine Print:

Refunds are permitted 7 days prior to your session. Reschedulings are permitted 48 hours prior to your session and subject to availability.

Please arrive promptly otherwise game time will be reduced!

Each session is made up of individuals and groups. If you do not book a full session, you could possibly work with other participants as a team.

It’s all about teamwork.

Don’t keep answers to yourself. Team work will be required to escape successfully.  Otherwise it will be dead man walking!

Try everything. Clues are scattered throughout
the room. Move, push, turn. Only through methodical discovery will you solve the puzzles to escape.